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Wow it is almost Easter Sunday! DIY French inspired chandelier

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Good day everyone! Happy Easter pre anyway. I hope you are finding our weekend wonder filled and amazing.

I have had a want for a chandelier that was French inspired with beads made of wood and with curves. I scored an beauty while out thrifting and this was it.

I thought to my self it is dark but it has the lines I was desiring to have.

Now I have to paint it. I used some Krylon paint in white satin finish and away it it went all the darkness.

Next I need to add some beads. I went to my local craft store and picked up 5 strings. I was lucky they were not package as this would have been more expensive and time consuming to do. I did have to restring the beads though with a light twine or transparent bead string.

That was ok with me I would get my desired look I was trying to achieve. If you try this alone do not hang the light fixture first. NO NO NO

Your arms will get a workout. Well I needed it anyway. LOL

I added proceeded to add all the beads and here is the final result I cost total $ 60.00 including the thrifted chandelier. So, overall I would say excellent find and design. Tooting my own horn. TOOT TOOT. ( smiles)

You can also check the video out on my channel and I have provided the link in my bio as well.

Thanks for stopping in and leave a comment let me know what you think of my French inspired diy light fixture. I love it!


You can view the full makeover of this piece via my Youtube channel just click the arrow below on the picture and it will take you directly there.

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