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Pillow Talk!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I will give you a few tips on how to style those lovely accent pillows. We as females love our pillows. They come in all sizes, colors, shapes and textures. I have several no fail tips to help you get those beauties in line with your decor and style.

  1. Use varying sizes of pillows. Do take into account the depth of your sofa or chair.

Basic sizes maybe ranging from 26x26 then incorporate 24x24 and a 20x20. You can even add a lumbar pillow as well as pictured above. This will add variety for the eye to see and interest with the grouping.

2. Add some texture to your pillow decor. If you color pallet is neutral in design texture will bring about the variety tricking the eye into believing it see more colors. Offsetting soft surfaces like satins with rough and coarse surfaces like chenille will bring about depth and interest ( we will talk more about that in a later post).

3. Last but definitely not least is to add some color variation to your stock pile of pillows. The best thing you can do is add a variety to your look with color at least three if possible. The look will and can still maintain its lovely appearance whether neutral or colorful by sharing the color variation with pillows.

These are only a tip of the iceberg so to speak here. You can find even more tips and ideas from link below. Click to view the entire listing of tips and tricks to enhance your decor with a bit of pillow talk. The video is entitle 7 WAYS TO STYLE YOUR PILLOWS.

You can shop the look by clicking the link here to my Etsy Shop @DesignsbyShenell

I hope you enjoy the tips and ideas I have featured and you have been INSPIRED, MOTIVATED AND MOVED to create a space for not only yourself but maybe for someone else. This has been Shenell and I will talk with you in the next post.

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