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Angelic Interior Designs offer a variety of services such as Home Staging, Interior Decorating and home decor consulting that will fit anywhere.  We work in homes, offices and for property staging for resale.

Angelic Interiors offer in-home consultations that may result in color coordination detail information or home decor ideas for your space, room design or a complete home makeover.

We work with different budget sizes to meet most any clients needs.  In other instances repurposing items maybe having them reupholstered etc.  

We work with high end decor as well as budgeted.  I believe in a mix of each to achieve a well complimentary design so a home can flow seamlessly and feel curated.


Angelic Interior Designs 


Custom Floral Designs

Let us know how can we help you..!


Floral arrangement
Gallery Floral
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