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Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Pillows, pillows, pillows! Oh what fun and lux they can add to a room, a chair, or just about any space in your home. Let’s talk of them for a bit. I love the look of an adorable pillow on a sofa. Decorative pillows come in various sizes, shapes, colors and texture. I want to take on you on a bit of a journey in regards to these amazing space transforming items.

On a sofa you can add pillows galore but you must be careful as not to overdo it though. I have heard some say you can never overdo it with pillows. Well it has been my experience that one can. A sofa should still be able to sit on. Yes? So in other words, if you can’t sit on your sofa, or better yet, have your guests sit comfortably, you may just have too many pillows.

Yes, they are to be indulged in and savored. Let’s see just how we can place some pillows on a sofa.

Your basic sofa may have arms. It is classic to start with two pillows―one on each end of the sofa next to arms. You may even decide on two more to add for fun. When you do try this tip: Start from the outer pillows and work your way in. Go from largest to smallest in size, inward and odd numbers is always great for visual interest as featured in the photo.

One can always add a touch of glam as well. We all love a bit of glam do we not? As featured in the photo you see a classic sofa but it is paired with some, yes, feminine touches such as sparkle. As I mentioned before, it never has to be boring but transform your sofa with texture as well as size and color. I love a bit of sparkle with a bit of classic―just enough don’t you think?

Happy pillow placing to everyone. I hope this has been an AID to you as well.


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