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  • By Shanell

Twist Out My Space!

Wow! This is the cabinet that The Man built. It’s a towering, eight-feet high, smooth-surfaced, blue interior, and has multiple shelves. It’s perfectly situated in the far corner of my bedroom. Just a little background on the beauty, it was built around seven years ago, primarily to house my book collection and study guides. It was never intended to be a “multi-purpose cabinet”―but, up until recently, I realized that I needed to make this fine cabinet more purposeful and―LUXURIOUS!

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have organization, functionality, harmony, and a touch of elegance in a small space; whether it be an office closet, bookshelf, cabinet, or even utility room. All it takes is a little bit of love and attention. In just a few short steps, I’m going to show you how you too can transform and luxuriate in your small space.

I’m sure one thing we can all agree on is that an unorganized space can be perceived as total chaos, pandemonium, and…yes―a hot, holy mess! I mean seriously, a cabinet or closet-gone-haywire can definitely create unnecessary stress, anxiety, embarrassment, and even counter-productivity. And who needs that as an introduction to their day? Once I realized how long I had unintentionally abandoned my cabinet, I set out on a mission to resolve the problem.

First, I took before pictures of the cabinet so that I could assess what needed to be completely out of view, consolidated, and categorized. I decided that I wanted everything in a covered storage container, but not just any old container. I wanted to twist out my cabinet with a touch of luxe! I wanted it to be organized, yet feminine and beautiful―like me!

Next, I removed the books and magazines, linens, toiletries, accessories, and a variety of cluttering items that had accumulated in my cabinet space over time. I wiped down the shelves and repainted the interior and exterior a clean and crisp custom color called Innocence. Afterwards, I ventured out to my local Home Goods and did some perusing. I love, love, love pink, so when I came across these beautiful pink storage boxes, I knew they would look absolutely glamorous in conjunction to what I had in mind. Now it was time to conceal, conceal, conceal!

I drove straight to The Container Store and found a leopard print wrapping paper that I could not wait to get home and throw on my boxes. For us fashionistas, leopard is FABULOCITY at its finest―pair it with a vibrant color and you have an elegant, chic finish.

Now that I’ve twisted out my space, I have a luxurious, systematized cabinet that reflects my spirit and creativity. You too can keep organization lively and have a bit of fun with it. So be inspired and TWIST out your SPACE! For more fine living tips, giveaways, and updates, follow us on social media.

By Shenell

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