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Making floral arrangements using vegetables?

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonder filled day.

I recently made a new arrangement and I was liking the vegetables. They are filled with beautiful color and lines. I thought who would have known that vegetables could make such beautiful decorative objects for your decor. Well this arrangement proved it all to be so.

Here you can see I used the beautiful, not bloomed Pussywillow branch. While these beauties are oh so lovely just as they are, you should see them once they have actually bloomed out. I really like the soft feel of the bud before it has bloomed out. They carry the appearance of a cat's paw. They are just arising in the early portion of Spring, so get yours while you can. Place them in front of a window in a glass vase filled with fresh water and keep your eyes peeled for these blooming delights. While these are faux, they still pack a wow punch!

Then I have incorporated the Artichoke. Some say vegetables as flowers, I say " yes". They make for a beautiful arrangement as you can see. They are filled with beautiful colors such as lush green and berry turning to a purplish hue. I really enjoy this particular vegetable and I'm sure you will as well.

So, go out give it whirl and make or purchase you a beautiful arrangement such as this Artichoke filled Pussywillow arrangement just in time for Spring.

I have pasted the video that is via my Youtube channel at Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell down below click the video and watch the entire process of how this was created.

Happy Hunting


Enjoy the video! Happy Spring everyone.

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