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How to decorate your space with three simple items of decor.

I used a basic throw blanket that incorporated all the colors of the rooms decor items to pull it all together.

Another item that was used was a throw pillow. As you can see it is adorned in this beautiful soft shade of pink with fringed edges to add that touch of texture to the rooms decor. This soft pink is easy on the eyes and not jarring at all so it adds a cozy comfortable feel instead of excitement due to its muted down color shade.

Last but not least I added a small bunch of magnolia stems( a magnolia type). They are in a lovely shade of soft pink as well and I added them to a tall vase up top of the coffee table to add a touch of life.

Here is the finished product with only three simply placed items from your home you can use to redecorate your space for a light spring look without spending any money at all. Shop your home and see what you can find.

Oh, don't forget to click the video above and go checkout the full view of the space.

Happy styling


You can view this video as well on my Youtube channel and here is the link you can watch now.

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