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Bathroom update/renovation DIY

Well good day everyone and hope you are having a wonder filled day!

Today the blog is about updating your existing bathroom on budget with a few items.

Now, as you can see this is the before picture and the room as dark wall at the lower half of chair rail that was added and wall color above is white. The floor is a dark color with variations of browns, grey, tans, taupes and cream. I do still like the floors they are very rich in color as well as the expresso color of the cabinet.

At this point in my life I need a brightness and lightness to my spaces. Although I am still a colorful girl and love rich colors I need the walls brighter just for a mood lifter. As you know color does play an important part in creating a mood and evoking feelings.

As you can see to the right the photo is much brighter and lighter. I painted the wall a light bright white and took the chair rail down as well so there is no separation in the color or dividing of the room from top to bottom. You will also notice the crown molding has been added to the top as well as a wider width of baseboards to the room as well.

So here is a photo of the finished product of the room and below that is a clip/ video and you can click to view the entire makeover process of the space and get motivated to make some changes to your space. If not just paint then changing the shower curtain the mirror above the vanity and adding some nice accessories to the space.

View full view of entire makeover here

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