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Five Ways to Style Your Candle

Good day everyone! I know it's been awhile since I have posted but I am back.

Today I have FIVE WAYS TO STYLE YOUR CANDLES. Now if you don't know I am a candle maker. When I make candles I sometimes pour them into lovely/pretty vessels besides a cylinder type container.

As you can see in the display box that is gilded with gold I have placed accents of white floral pieces inside the box along with three votive candles.

Here is this second look I have place a simple votive candle inside the beehive textured votive holder alongside a floral in pink. I have paired it with a gold gilded vase in white and placing the lid offset for touch of interest visually. This is another way of adding interest to your candle.

In this picture here you can add an existing candle ( this was a candle that I made and placed inside of this glass bowl) and place inside of a flat bowl that is accented in a color or plain to add an extra touch of glam or interest.

Lastely you can go right over and check out this video featured here just click the link and it will take you directly to the video for this post and get some Motivation to get Moving and creating in your space or like I like to say " maybe for someone else"


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