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Ways to Transform A Home Office On a Dime

Well, hello hello hello! It is me Shenell here.

Today I have ways you can transform a home office space on a dime.

Transforming a room does not always have to be daunting and expensive.

Here I will give several ways to save and not break the bank to restyle or even start to style a new room.

1. Art Work

I have used some basic frames actually they are thrifted I used three here in the picture to complete the look. As you see in the photo I used a can of spray paint. Follow with a peel and stick wallpaper cut to size and matted in the frame.

Rust- Oleum paint in a satin finish

Artwork completed look below with peel and stick paper.

2. Thrifted vases.

Here is used several different vases in various sizes and shapes all purchased from the thrift store. I then applied a flat white spray paint to each of them. One in an ombre affect and the other completely covered with the paint. I wanted a variety of styles so some are sleek in design paired with modern and traditional shapes.

3. Old found frame

You just never know where you may come across a gem of a find. This frame was being thrown out by a neighbor and I snag it up. I loved the classic and ornate look it has as well as the retina it is starting to show. I then took an uploaded image from an Etsy hope and had it printed to large size to fit the frame. You can do this at your local copy centers like Walmart and Fed Ex as well.

Print from local copy center all framed up.

Now you can easily click the link below to view the video of the completed room below. I have added all the changes I have added to the space. Click below to view the entire process. little

Peel and stick paper is from Target

Frames white are thrifted

Etsy shop for sketch art

Video is here just click to view and enjoy!


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