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Choosing The Perfect Vase

As we all know, vases come in many different styles, colors, and forms.

The Composition of vases is so vast I will give you a few and how to choose. There are so many vases, some common types we all use in our homes; the style of your home will impact your choice of a vase.

Vases are located throughout our homes in spaces on the floors, on top of tables, in dining areas on the credenza, and sitting on dressers in bedrooms.

  • lass vases are very common in many styles and have many colors.

This vase, as pictured, was brown in the original color. I painted it blue-gray.

A glass vase is the most common type of material and is vast in colors.

A Glass vase can be elegant in style and yet casual in feeling. Depending on the shape, which will depict the class for the space, you will outfit it. For example, this one pictured here was in brown, and I painted it this blue color for an elegant, classy feel to my spaces.

Crystal vases are very romantic in feel and can elevate the look of a floral arrangement.

Cylinder vases, while they are usually not broad, they are long, round, and symmetrical from top to the bottom/base.

  • Bud vases which are usually very small in stature but the shape may vary. You can incorporate along window seals, desks and multiples along a sweet table scape

There are many other styles to choose from I have only named a few here.


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