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Decorating Using Neutrals

cozy winter decorating ideas

What exactly is a neutral color palette?

A neutral color palette consists of basically the absence of color. One would choose to use colors such as taupe, grays shades of whites and beige.

This way of decorating does not have to appear boring if you use some simple tips, tips, tricks, hints and ideas to implement into your spaces design.

Interior designs decorating with neutral

The first ideas is to implement types of texture.

Texture will warm up your space and give it a slight pattern as well.

You can add woods like a side table picture frames with light and washed tones of the whites or shades of whatever color ( non color) you decide to use.

Decorating small space Decorating with neutrals

Use a grounding color like black in a neutral space so that it does not fall flat. Black takes the high tones of beiges, creams and white to make it easy on eyes to rest in a neutral decorated space.

Adding a pop of green in with neutrals will bring life to it.

Along with all the different shades of creams, taupes, beiges and white use different tones of these shades mixing and matching to bring about a cozy inviting space.

If you would like to see more regarding decorating your spaces with a neutral color palette see the video liked down below.


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