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French Country Box Designs

This post will show how you can design and makeover a paper mache box to fit your style and space.

You can achieve a high-end accessory piece for your home that is not only PRETTY but also has a function. Now, who would not want such an item in their space.

Here is the items you will need for the project noted below with pictures.

You will need a set of paper mâché boxes. As you see below in the picture.

I have a small amount of squared and rounded boxes. That is a personal choice if you like modern or traditional shapes. These boxes are easy to paint. It will take at least two coats, as I have applied to the boxes you will see below.

You will need ( depending on your colors) acrylic paints or chalk paint.

I used Cloudy Day, ButterPecan, and Waverly chalk paint in Ivory.

I have added all my paints to these glass bottles with copper lids to add function along with the pretty factor to the mix. I used small chip brushes to apply the colors. I didn't use primer for this application process as it was not necessary.

Once again, this is an idea of creating something with beauty and having it function. Here is the painted boxes.

Now we are going to take this a step further and add some adornments to the boxes.

In the beginning, I thought I would add some digital decals I created and printed but I changed my mind.

I went with some old handles/pulls I had on hand. I used hot glue to adhere them to the boxes.

The boxes have usefulness along with the PRETTY factor.

French portion I am not so sure of; that is a matter of opinion. It does have French blue on the box ( smiles).

A entire video has been dedicated to the project. Down below you can click on the arrow in the picture it will take you directly to the video.

Thanks so much for stopping in today.


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