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How To Makeover a Old Chair

Well hello everyone. I hope today to engage you with a chair makeover that was old and outdated in its color and covering. You may have something like this or have thought of purchasing an old chair due to its style, profile or design and not know exactly how to do the makeover. I have a few ideas or at least show you how I tackled this project on my own.

I like to redo old furniture from time to to time. I like painting it updated and modern colors.

Old furniture can be staple for many years to come. I have noticed over many years of doing this that if you look over the furniture from past years they were well constructed pieces made of purely wood. Not only is made of wood but the upholstery is amazing as well.

You can shop these pieces at local thrift store, consignments and yard sales alike.

this particular piece I picked up from Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The total purchase price for these two beauties was $30.00. I think they were well worth it and then some.

As you will see above in the picture the chairs are made of solid wood ( no veneer) with cane backs. The designs is a low profile and well constructed overall.

I thought to myself I would stripe the stain off but I quickly rethought that process. I then decided to give it a light sanding and prime and paint the chairs.

I used @Rust-Oleum chalk paint in the color Aged Gray. The process was very simple and to the point. You will do a light sanding on your piece of furniture just to add some tooth for the primer and paint to grab onto. Your next step will be to prime it then add the paint. When you paint do use light coats for each coating of the surface as not to have drip marks etc.

My next step was to choose a fabric and recover these beauties in.

I chose a light gray textured fabric to compliment the Aged Grey color of the paint. These chairs will go in RV makeover that I will be featuring on the blog at a later date. Stay tuned in for that renovation it was very exciting.

Here is the overall look of the makeover of the chairs. You can catch the full makeover on the channel on Youtube that is Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell.

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