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Make Your Office Functional and Beautiful

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

It's the New Year of 2023 and we know what that means, making all things functional in the home and let's not forget that office space.

If you work from home and have space for a home office I have some ideas for you to grab hold of for the 2023 year to stay motivated to move ahead in style and function.

Having a functional home office is such an important part of staying not only organized but also being productive each day.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Choose a designated workspace that is comfortable and conducive to productivity. Make sure it has all the necessary tools and supplies you need.

  • Invest in a comfortable office chair and a good quality desk.

  • Utilize organizational tools such as folders, drawers, and filing cabinets to help keep your workspace tidy.

  • Establish a routine and designate specific times for work and breaks.

  • Utilize technology such as task and project management software to help keep you on track and organized.

  • Invest in a few comfortable decor pieces to make your workspace feel inviting.

  • Take regular breaks, get plenty of rest, and make sure to move around throughout the day.

These tips can help you create a functional and productive home office space that will help keep you organized and motivated.

I have chosen a few items that will be listed below that you can shop and use in your office space no matter how big or small your area is just know that it can be beautiful.

A well designed office chair should provide ergonomic support for your posture, features that are adjustable for your seat height, lumbar adjustments and if you prefer arm rest. It should definitely provide comfort along with adequate cushioning and support for long hours of sitting. Having a place to to rest is key while working long hours.

Not only can it be well designed to fit your needs it can also be PRETTY.

I have chosen a no arm chair with a high back that is slightly curved. You need to find a chair that fits your body so you can withstand those long days you maybe sitting at your desk.

Excellent Use of a Office Cart Having a cart in your home office can be incredibly useful and add that touch of pretty depending on your choice. Here I am featuring a thrifted serving cart that I have repurposed for these uses that are listed below.

Here are some excellent uses for a cart in your home office:

  • Use it to store and organize all your office supplies.

  • Use it to transport all your important documents and folders. This way, you can quickly transport them from space to space within the home or office when needed.

  • Use it as a mini-library to store all your books and reference materials. You can keep your office clutter-free all the while having all your items at your fingertips and arms reach upon demand.

  • The cart can be used to store your printer, scanner, and other computer items. Again this will help you stay clutter free.

  • Use it as a snack station to store snacks, beverages, and lunch items. You can have quick and easy access to your favorite snacks and drinks during the day.

I hope these ideas help you get the most out of your cart in your home office!

A Dry Erase Board

Another excellent option for your home office is a dry erase board. You can go small or big. I opted for a smaller one to place on my credenza behind my desk or on top of the desk.

A dry erase board is great for jotting down notes as well as creating to-do lists, brainstorming new innovated ideas, and displaying important information for your day ahead. This item is a great tool for work, school, or home – anywhere you need to easily see and access information at arms reach.

Dry Erase Makers

With the dry erase board you will need some markers to write with. I chose these from

I am not sure if this listed price has been corrected but that is not the price in store.

A pretty stapler in your home office If you're looking for a pretty stapler to spruce up your home office, I recommend taking a look at this one I selected from @Target. They have a great range of staplers in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors - so you're sure to find something that suits your style and usage maybe this one does it all. If you want to keep those papers in order a stapler is necessary.

Wrapped in gold at the base with its neutral color story it will surely please the eyes with a touch of sparkle.

Uses for a hole puncher in home office A hole puncher can be a extremely useful in a home office! It can be used to organize documents, bind books, and customize scrapbook pages. It can also be used to create fun decorations for your office, such as paper flowers, snowflakes for seasonal decor and tags and even garlands. You can even use it to make your own business cards or bookmarks!

This hole punch was purchased from @Target the brand is @Paper and Sugar.

Here is the link.

Next you will need a pair of scissors and why not make them PRETTY. Scissors are another essential tool to have in a home office. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting paper, trimming fabric and thread as I do on the daily or even opening packages and envelopes. Having scissors on hand can save time and make completing projects easier and more efficient. They are also useful for art and craft projects and can help you express your creativity.

Quick side note here, don't forget to use your scissors for paper only or fabric only as it will make a difference in their overall performance overtime.

Another @Target find Project 62 Brand

Last and definitely not least is you will need a calendar. A calendar is a great way to stay organized and on top of daily tasks, especially when working from home. Setting up a calendar ( large or small ) and scheduling tasks can help you stay on track and be more productive. Here I have some excellent tips you can take away using a calendar when working from home include:

  • Create color-coded categories for different types of tasks or projects.

  • Set reminders for important deadlines that must be met and task ahead to be performed.

  • Keep track of any and all obligations.

  • Help you to keep track of tasks that have been completed and note what still needs to be done.

  • Prioritize tasks and set realistic goals that you can complete by the end of the day.

Using a calendar can be an effective way to stay current and on top of all must do tasks and maximize your productivity on the daily.

You can see the all the items in their entirety on the video that is linked below on the channel.

I hope this post will and has helped you to reach a New Year 2023 goal of organization and making all things beautiful with your office whether it's at home or in the field.


Thank you for stopping by


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