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Purposely Pretty

Good day everyone! Today I am going to speak about just as the title " 'Purposely Pretty."

I know the times we are all in now being at home and for many working from home. Our environments have changed, not all for the better. Being home so much has changed our outlook for many of us regarding how our homes function and how it looks to our eyes. Some have even noted "I didn't realize it looked so bad."

Well, I have a remedy for that, and we will take a journey in the next few weeks of creating spaces that are not only Pretty but, they are PURPOSELY PRETTY with lots of function. THE PRETTY THINGS they have to function or have meaning.

I had the area available it was not in use at the time to its full potential. I have no little children at home; my daughter is grown up married and moved out flourishing in the community.

I decided I needed the space, and I took it for all it is worth. I will continue to bring you along for this makeover over the next few weeks here on the blog.

Storage was needed for pillows, fabrics, needles, and threads, etc. You get the point space is necessary. I wanted it to look pleasing to my eyes as well. I am one who likes ALL THE PRETTY THINGS, but they have to, and I do mean they have to function or have meaning ( that's a whole other video and post to come).

So I forged ahead and sketched up a cabinet for my carpenter, the man to build, and here it is.

It was lots of work, and it is enormous. It was too cold outside to paint it. I don't have space inside to use a sprayer, so hand rolling and paintbrush swiping was necessary.

Here is the finished product, and again I have storage and my pretty. Update to come shortly on the progress of the entire room. Stay tuned in. You can now view the cabinet's install in the room by clicking down below on the link I have provided.


The room still functions; the shadow you see is the projector for tv and movie viewing. ( smiles)

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