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Small Space Living Ideas

small space living ideas

Living in a small space definitely has challenges, but also can be a great opportunity to tap into your creative side with space planning. Making the most of your space starts with knowing how to utilize it efficiently. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your small space:

First try using bright and light fabrics in your space that will definitely give it a more spacious feel.

By adding accessories like your pillows, drapery and bedding in light tones giving your space color connection while keeping it airy. Use different shades of one color tone with various patterns to add interest.

designsbyshenell Etsy shop, small space living

The usage of vertical storage with shelves, drawers, and hanging racks can help you maximize the storage capacity of your small space. Dwellings with high ceilings lends itself to more storage capacity seeing that you can have taller shelving and access using a ladder. Make use of the cabinetry by adding doors to the front for concealing items also. You will have ample space for books to place on display as well as accessories to add a bit of personality.

small space living ideas

Use multipurpose furniture. Look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions, like a coffee table that can double as a storage area. Ottomans that do double duty like storage inside and under if hollow. Ottomans can also serve as extra seating in your space. In the video listed below I used a ironing board with a cloth placed on top to double for a console table to place lamps on.

small space living ideas

Use natural light.

Natural light can help make any room feel larger. If possible, open curtains and blinds to let in natural light. Opening your windows will also enable you to infuse and invite the natural nature feel to come in keeping the space light airy and brighter.

Plants whether faux or fresh can bring life to any room and help make the space feel more inviting.

Florals bring that extra punch of color with a freshness of life.

small space living
small space living ideas

Living in a small space doesn't have to be a challenge. It's all about your perspective while in the space and how it will feel. With a little creativity and these tips, you can make the most of any small space!

Listed below you will find a link to a video that will give all the visuals to bring these tips to life.

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Please don't hesitate to leave a comment and do SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG.


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