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Textured Walls with Wall Paper

Can you have textured walls with the addition of wallpaper?

Yes, you can have wallpaper/peel and stick with textured walls. There are a few different options available that you need to consider before purchasing.

I know there has been some misconceptions surrounding texture on walls and wallpaper, exactly what you can and can't have.

Here is some tips on selecting your paper based on your walls texture.

1. Before apply any paper to your walls you must absolutely clean your walls. Give them a dusting with a wipe down before apply any wallpaper.

2. Next tip is to always order a sample of your paper before committing to a large some of wallpaper. It can get expensive and that will be costly mistake to make.

This way you can apply it to your texture wall and see exactly how it will appear in the space and to the eye.

I speak with my experience in mind with the texture on walls and applying wallpaper/peel and stick.

I tried a peel and stick several years ago in a black and white dotted print on the walls but it did hold up. After leaving the house for short period of time I returned to the whole strip on the floor. I wanted it so bad as it added that pop of pattern the room needed at the time. The issue was my walls are textured, not heavily but textured and the paint was semi gloss. I have what is known as orange peel. You can definitely add wallpaper over this is requires some thought on the choice of paper.

3. Do consider your paint type you have on the wall as it maybe slick in feel like semi gloss and gloss. If you have these two types of paint your may want to give your wall a bit of sanding to add some extra tooth for the paper to adhere to.

Down below I am featuring several textures and which ones you may want to steer clear of regarding wallpaper.

1. Knockdown is textured but has a flatter appearance with the indentations. Wallpaper choice is going to make it or break it.

2. Orange peel is a yes but it does depend on the wallpaper choice.

3. Crowfeet is a no no due to it has sharp lines that are stippled and raised in various places.

Pop is a no due to the same reason as crowfeet very inconsistent with raised sharp pronounced areas throughout. It will poke through your wallpaper when applying it.

4. Sand is the same and will definitely make its appearance known.

Wallpapers to choose and steer clear of with textured walls

If your wall are textured a light colored paper such as white ( solid) would not be a good choice as it will show every bump through the paper.

You can choose heavier paper and textured paper that will work.

Paper from experience from Target was not ideal for textured walls due to it is relatively thinner.

I would suggest trying a paper that is thicker in weight if peel and sticks well as something with a pattern.

Patterned wallpaper hides a multitude of issues with the walls as the pattern will deflect from the walls texture that may peek through.

I chose a peel and stick from Cynthia Rowley brand. It is a beautiful floral pattern that is bold yet fancy. A feast for the eyes this patterned wallpaper is, filling you visually with pretty pops of color.

With my texture of orange peel/knockdown, it looks absolutely fabulous. The pattern dimenises the appearance of the texture underneath even when pressed to the wall. It has added that much needed injection of style this bathroom was asking for.

As you will see I only did a what we call a feature wall in the bathroom. One reason is the pattern is so bold yet beautiful I didn't want to overwhelm the space as it is not filled with natural light and it is long and narrow not wide.

Again wall paper is a great way of injecting some much needed style to your space especially in a bathroom when you don't want to add tile on your walls. This way you have pattern, dimension and color without it being so permanent.

To see more of the overall space you can click the link below and checkout the entire video.

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