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Upgrade Your Shower Experience

We all have to do it on the daily so why not make it an experience.

Some people have tiled shower walkins and most have what is pictured here. Built in paneled system with tub all in one unit and it doesn't always make the prettiest sight to see. A simple touch as your shower curtain will make all the difference along with the rod of choice as your hardware to carry the load.

I have chosen these white panel curtains unlined of course because they are in the bathroom and I have had them for over 7 years in the bathroom. They are still in excellent condition with color and maintaining their integrity.

I am I am in the middle of doing a makeover of the room and I am using gold accents.

This posed a slight issue the grommets on the curtains are silver/chrome.

As you already know for me this would not work and hence this post.

You can easily upgrade this look of the chrome grommets with one simple product.

Rub'n Buff wipe on gold leaf products.

I took a small artist brush and dab of this product,t which I have used in multiple projects, and it worked out simply divine.

Seen here is the before and the after with this product and it gave these old curtains a new feel in the space.

Very easy to do with a steady hand the gliding of a bush and a new accessory is born with no money spent. ( I had the product on hand).

Here is the overall result in the space.

Link is below to see the entire makeover in the space including the shower curtains/drapes.

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1 Comment

Rosalind Dudley
Rosalind Dudley
Mar 04, 2023

The wallpaper is beautiful. I love all the colors.

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