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Beautiful Bathroom Organization Ideas

Imagine having beautiful bathroom storage that can help to maximize the space in your bathroom, all the while creating an aesthetically pleasing look. It can also help to organize items so that they are easier to find and use while keeping it all PRETTY. Additionally, having beautiful storage ideas can add a touch of style with sophistication to your bathroom, making it look and feel that much more inviting.

Below you find some ideas I used in my Primary Bathroom to create such style and sophistication with simple items.

!. Reusing of a basic candle jar.

The reuse of candle jars in the bathroom for storage is an excellent way to reduce waste and keep your space tidy. Let's get started, make sure to thoroughly clean the jar with soap and water before using it to store items like cotton swabs, makeup brushes, and more. Decorate the outside of the jar with a bit of personality as I did with personalized gold labels. With the lid painted in gold it added the touch of lux with a hint of sparkle. With some simple quick DIY skills you can personalize old jars in this space making them not only functional and PRETTY.

2. A pretty decorative box.

If you're looking for a use of one those boxes you've collected over time here is a great storage option in the bathroom. I used one I had on hand placed it in the vanity drawer to house create for the face and hands etc. It looks great and keeps my personal items neat and tidy corraled together. Whatever you choose, adding a decorative box to the bathroom can be a great way to add some style and keep everything organized. You can find these items at just about any local home decor store in many sizes and colors. I opted to keep mine neutral in color to keep the look calm and serene with a pop of gold.

3. A small trinket bowl wrapped in gold.

A small trinket bowl can be a great way to add a touch of not only style but a place to hold items like jewelry. Consider placing the bowl along the countertop for easy access or as I have inside the drawer.

It's the simplicity of the bowl itself that makes it beautiful yet functional.

4. Decanting your lotions and body washes for daily usage.

Decanting lotion, body washes and shampoos can be a great way to save space in your bathroom, while also having your favorite items available in a sophisticated way. To successfully decant lotion and other items you may use on the body, face etc... start by cleaning the inside and outside of the container you plan to use. Once the container is clean, measure out the amount of lotion you'd like to decant, and carefully pour it in. I recommend if you don't have a steady hand please use a clean funnel for transferring your products. Make sure to leave some space at the top of the container, so the lid can be securely fastened. Finally, place the lid on the container tightly to ensure that the lotion is securely stored. I opted for personalized gold labels on my bottles and placed them inside the drawer.

5. Simplistic clear jars with lids.

I used these jars that are small and dainty but mighty in storage power.

I keep hair pins along with pretty pink razors inside airtight and dust free.

If you'd like to purchase these jazzy jars you can get the look @Hobby Lobby in the glass section. Excellent price point for such a lovely storage option.

If you are feeling really fancy you can get labels in a pretty color to place on them.

If you'd like to see more options I have compiled more in a video that will be linked below.

Thank you for stopping in, please do leave a comment and let me know if some of these options I have given peaked your interest in organizing your bathroom in a PRETTY way.

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