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Create Beautiful Decorative Storage

I'm excited to get started on helping you to create a beautiful decorative storage box made from a faux book. To begin, we will need to gather the materials to complete this simple yet elegant beautiful storage for just about any space.

The first item will be a faux book such as this pictured.

These are not only stylish but they have excellent storage within. I purchased these from the Goodwill a few months ago and had this idea in mind to bring to you.

Next item to bring this look together will be paint.

I picked up my paint at the local hardware store and on this day it was HomeDepot.

I usually will frequent the Oops paint section to find bargains of paint in beautiful colors.

This lovely shade of blue in a pint size can for $5.00

Oops Paint HomeDepot
Decorative Storage

Side note, I usually will text my color on white backing to see the actual color before applying it any surface. You can see the entire video of this process the link will be provided below at Angelic Interior Designs By Shenell on Youtube.

Don't forget you want handles on your storage box. I chose these brushed gold 5 inch pulls for the front of the boxes to give it a luxurious look and feel.

Here is the finished product. Two coats of paint applied with a sponge roller. Again, if you want to see the entire process on creating a beautiful storage box from thrifted items click the link below.


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