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Updating old drapery/curtain rods.

Hello Hello Hello!

Today on the blog I am featuring a simple DIY you can do at home or for someone else. This DIY project only calls for one item to purchase and you may even have it at home.

All you will need is an existing curtain/draper rod it can be metal or wood.

As pictured here the rod is in the wood and dark mahogany finish. You will see the finial and brackets as well that will need to be updated along with the rod.

Next you will need a can of spray paint This can be the color of your choice to coincide with the overall look and feel of your rooms design/decor.

I have used Krylon spray paint in Satin Ivory. It is a peaceful creamy white without being too stark in contrast. A few light coats is all it took and some drying time to complete the overall process.

Here I will show the look before the process of painting began on the rod.

The rod is solid wood and if I or you decide to change it all you would need to do is strip the paint to reveal wood again and stain.

Here is the overall look of the finished pieces on both sides of the room.

What a difference a can of spray paint can make to an overall look and feel in a room.

If you would like to see the complete process in its entirety then click the link below to watch the video. Happy restyling.


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